Sunday, January 21, 2018

Public Information Request to the Maryland Board of Physicians Drop Dead

Public Information Request to the Maryland Board of Physicians Drop Dead

Marylander’s have lost control of their government. Administrative agencies, exemplified by the Maryland Board of Physicians, hide behind carefully crafted regulations enabling these public entities to keep their perversions and malicious behaviors hidden from the public. Reminiscent of pre Glasnost days, before the Soviet empire tumbled, physicians requesting information on hearings and administrative assaults from this corrupt entity, meet a stone wall when making a Public Information Access Request. Citing lawyer-client privilege, immunity, exemptions from state law and more the Board of Physicians disables physicians’ lives, at will, then jumps behind a veil of secrecy. Most recently this physician requested records from the Board of Physicians, for a bogus hearing he participated in during the month of December in 2016, the reply in legalese: Drop Dead.

Lawyers employed by Maryland Attorney General’s Office run cover for Board of Physicians’ members. To protect themselves the Medical Board engages these lawyers to perform two tasks: First, prosecute the maximum number of physicians they can to keep their sanction numbers high and secondly to protect themselves when physicians seek redress from their illicit actions.  When a Maryland physician’s career is injured or terminated by the corrupt Board of Physicians, this administrative entity encourages doctors to take them to court. Why? In the greatest majority of cases Maryland’s left leaning courts side with their administrative departments, no matter where the facts fall. This Board cares little about facts only results. A few physicians thrown under the proverbial rug, who cares.

The Soviet Union has been gone for nearly 3 decades, yet its corrupt Star Chamber type tactics still survive. Maryland has adopted these processes within the structure of its regulations to suppress any rebuke it receives from a citizen. The laws of Maryland give preferences to some while others meet blunt force authoritarianism. Maryland’s complex legal system buries many. Some, like myself, just refuse to roll over and play dead. The next chapter will play out soon on a legal battlefield.

Mark Davis MD

Thursday, January 18, 2018

The Fat Zone 21st Century Dieting versus Fad Diets

                          The Fat Zone 21st Century Diet versus Fad Diets

The results of fad diets can be seen all over the streets of America. People who listened and followed an array of diets that promised rapid weight loss simultaneously offering the dieter the most delicious foods money can buy. The commercials are endless. Pastas, pizzas and pies move passed the viewers’ eyes as these well-polished commercials suck you in. The aging host or hostess claims weight loss of 20, 30 or even 50 pounds caused by an array of unhealthy foods. Perhaps the authors of these commercials believe the public at large are idiots. Sadly in many cases they may be correct. Millions perhaps billions are spent yearly on these fad diets, yet America is as obese as ever.

Enter The Fat Zone 21st Century Dieting. The diet menus in this e-book are healthy, delicious and very nutritious. Most of all weight loss occurs at an accelerated rate. There are no expensive prepared foods to buy. The menus in The Fat Zone offer the dieter major variations in foods allowing people to select healthy foods yet reduce weight because of the manner in which the diet is constructed. Before your purchase you next diet from a television commercial check out The Fat Zone 21st Century Dieting. The program more doctors and nutritionists are recommending.

Mark Davis MD

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Monday, January 15, 2018

Let me be perfectly clear, Net Neutrality is a Horrible Law

Net Neutrality is a horrible law. Look past all the leftwing screaming and the death threats, the end isn’t coming; yes, humans will die, but not because of ending Net Neutrality. The law is flawed, clearly biased; it gives distinct advantage and power to an exclusive segment of the Internet industry, what is called the “edge” providers.  Google, Facebook, Twitter, you get the picture.

Know this; Net Neutrality is not neutral; it is not neutral at all.  It is a reasonable argument that the choice of its name was a tactical lie. And the masses of ignorant Americans, led by a shallow and often times worthless press, lapped it up.

In my informal surveys I find very few people that have a clue what Net Neutrality is all about; most articles I’ve read in the mainstream press are superficial and talk generalities in ways that support the lie of neutrality.  It’s pathetic.

Where to Start
Proponents of Net Neutrality talk about protecting against “throttling” and blocking and censorship. But they stop there, by an large they don’t explain any details, I will.

Blocking and Censorship
First off, I agree, blocking and censorship are big concerns, very big concerns. These are fundamental. Corporations do not have the right to usurp the principles of our country. They do not have the right to censor or control the subjects of open forum content.    … Hear, Hear! Human rights exceed corporate objectives and interests, always.  That’s how I see it.  

That said, the throttling issue is way over hyped, Wow, just think a little past the basics here. Why wouldn’t I want the opportunity to trade speed for cost? Why is that so important? It’s not! This is mass propaganda, likely from the leftwing tech giants.  It’s over hyped and incredibly effective brainwashing. To witness such stellar mind control is scary to anyone that uses his or her brain. 
Misunderstood and poorly considered by many people (almost everyone I’ve asked). As far s I am concerned, the idea of controlling speed or providing preferential speed from the ISP is not a big concern. It wasn't to people back in 2015 when the rules went into effect either.  So why is it such a big concern now? Brainwashing, that is all.

So let’s get to the details of Net Neutrality, the details that matter.

Who was Governed by Net Neutrality?
The Internet is composed of two principle components the “access point” and the channels to content, called the “edge”. 

The access point is the business of “Internet Service Providers” or “ISPs”.  Large ISP's like Comcast and local service providers like Bend Broadband in Central Oregon, my ISP.

The other component of the Internet is the “edge” companies, where you land when you hit the Internet, Google for instance is my home page, That is the first edge of the internet for me. Twitter, Yahoo, Facebook. These are edge companies too, many others. 
As for principles of Net Neutrality Think about this, it’s all over the news. These companies have been known to censor, block, throttle and much worse. They can do so because Net Neutrality rules for the most part do not apply to them, only the ISPs are covered by the Net Neutrality regulations. That is wrong.

There it is the belly of the lie. It might come as a shock to you, after all these companies were such vocal supporters of the law.

They lie, they cheat, they deceive, they manipulate, they use psyops tactics to manage you. What more do the techno corporatist  have to do to get you to stop listening to them?

Think Outside The google 

This is what is relevant, who is and who is not governed; others will talk about Title Two and the Communications Act of 1934 bla bla. Bla. It is all smoke, irrelevant smoke. The idea that the Internet be governed by laws that originated 85 years ago is fodder for fools. 

The Internet needs to be looked at for what it is, now in todays world with an eye towards tomorrow’s potential. Getting hung up on what laws from the past should apply indicates you’re dealing with the wrong people. We must stop the thinking of the past and reanalyze the methods of the past. 

Future Planning
I believe that the Internet does need to be regulated; but there is no immediate rush, just as there wasn’t anything pressing back in 2015 when Net Neutrality was imposed. A measured reasoned and fair set of rules applied to all would not be detrimental in my opinion. Speed options with competitive pricing would be great too.  

Unfair, unbalanced and patently biased, the old Net Neutrality rules, that is bad, bad for the Internet and for society future itself. 

Regulations must be done in an even handed way. Full transparency is possible today and the society should have access to these discussions. The full light of day will keep the fascists away.  

Friday, January 12, 2018

More Burdens for Overtaxed Marylanders

With Maryland's latest enactment forcing small businesses to provide sick leave to the entitled crowd its effects will be far reaching. A new squad of government goons will soon be knocking on the doors of businesses, small and large, with a list of sanctions, if they are out of compliance. In Maryland sick leave means the entitled will head to the closest casino with your tax dollars and or the money businesses are forced to pay them for not showing up. Small business will be especially hurt by this overreaching law. My suggestion to them keep your employee count below 15, if you can. Marylander's are extremely overtaxed. Governor Hogan vetoed this legislation but the entitlement crowd's lobby is too strong here. Kudos to our Governor for doing the right thing. Mark Davis MD

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Drugged up Maryland

Drugged up Maryland

Drug addicts abound everywhere in this corrupt state of Maryland. Opioid addiction is everywhere. Deaths from opioids in Maryland are at record highs. Some hospitals cannot keep up with the flow of addicts through their doors. The corrupt Maryland Board of Physicians allows so-called pain clinics to flourish with the most minor of regulations to control their prescribing methodologies. Now Maryland has Medical Marijuana dispensaries whose licenses were given to those who are politically well connected. Added to the hundreds of thousands of alcoholics in Maryland and the extreme amount of psycho active drugs prescribed here and one can see why there are so many deaths on our streets. The argument that Marijuana is now medicinal is nothing but a bunch of crap. Enter this state at your own risk. More to come.

Saturday, December 23, 2017

The Fat Zone 21st Century Dieting versus Fat Burning Diets

The Fat Zone 21st Century Dieting versus Fat Burning Diets

Complexity of human physiology does not permit fat to be burned over protein and carbohydrates unless the body is under extreme stress. Starvation and high performance exercise are two possibilities which can stress our anatomy to increase lipid metabolism. In the event you were snookered into following a diet which guaranteed fat loss only and or fat loss in excess of carbs/proteins I sadly regret you were taken for the proverbial ride. There are several programs which I reviewed that do not result in their stated intentions of high fat loss in a short time interval. Programs professing weight loss of x amount of pounds over a number of weeks by burning fat preferentially cannot be supported by current studies. Glucose will be utilized by the body initially under most circumstances. Fat loss during a diet, not starvation, comes later.

The Fat Zone 21st Century Dieting utilizes a mix of foods within its menus to reduce weight in an expedited fashion without harm to the body. The body takes several days to adjust itself to a decrease in calories then weight reduction begins. Body fat, as lipids, will burn in conjunction with other materials stored in the liver and muscle to move your weight down.  Fat burning diets are questionable in nature and should be challenged by those whose expertise lies in those areas.

The Fat Zone 21st Century Dieting is being noticed by the health industry as a safe effective alternative to diets which make bogus claims in their programs. Written in e-book format The Fat Zone can be downloaded to any electronic device and utilized immediately. All major book sellers have access to this e-book. Priced to sell you cannot miss with this diet program.

Mark Davis MD, 

Tax Reform and the Deep Blue

Tax Reform and the Deep Blue

Major overhaul of the tax system is a done deal with DT signing it into law. This new legislation portends a brighter future for the economy with trickle down effects to most of us. The question remains will deep blue states allow federal tax reform to work. Here in the corrupt state of Maryland higher government officials are already discussing ways to offset the new tax law. What this means in real terms presently is isolated to the minds of those who exude very little brain power. Nevertheless a backlash response it coming. Be Prepared.